Understanding ME

There were so many questions I wish I have answers to. I have always been fond of trying to understand what my existence is all about. Why am I here? Why, of all places, I am here? I can never guess. I would always look up and ask, "Is this part of your plan?" I … Continue reading Understanding ME


Soundless Screams

There were so many drawbacks in my life these past few days that I have been encountering and these were neither making me nor breaking me. Something in me just shut off as if a switch was automatically turned off.  As if, too much of myself was burnt and have turned into ashes and was … Continue reading Soundless Screams


I truly never learned what these words were until I reached for your hand and it wasn’t there. When death takes your mother, it steals that word forever. I'm just feeling a little too sad because I've been celebrating this day alone for over 20 years. Maybe I'm just a little curious how life would … Continue reading MOM