These People

These people. People you thought you knew. People you thought who knew you turns out to be the exact opposite of what you ever imagined. These people? They are a bunch of nauseating crap and shit, morons, jerks and freaks. ¬†They are made to either destroy you or to make you stronger. I know! because I have lots of them around me. Just a few meters away from me when I enter the gate of our house (yes, house. I don’t even know what it feels like to go HOME), just a few steps to the kitchen bar and just a few centimeters to your living room. YES. Sometimes, they are just behind you, beside you, ready to pull the trigger. Ready to make your life miserable.

I am not a very strong human being. I cry most of time when it hit me really hard to realize.. to ever realize that I do no have anyone who can defend me when these people are on the loose, ready to strike and hit you in the head. I hate the fact that I do not have my parents. I hate the fact that they have theirs. I hate the fact that I do not know why I was made to exist in this messy life.

And somehow, although I have come to realize this bitter and sad reality, I am still yearning to find a consolation that somehow, it is for the best. For my best.


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