The Truth is…

The truth is, whatever you do, when it’s not for you, it will never be. And when you try so hard to do something about it, you would just end up hurt and in pain.

The truth is, in this life, there will always be people, who loves you, cares for you, and will always be around you. And almost all the time, we hardly recognize who our real persons are. So we trust them all, we let them come into our lives and when things get worst, we’ll surely know who will either stab us on our backs or slap us with the truth.

The truth is, we always wanted to wear this happy mask whenever we’re out with people. We wanted them to know that we are okay. Where in fact, WE ARE NOT. We end up being tormented and end up digging our own issues in life. And when the time comes, there is no turning back. And then we regret.

The truth is we will never be good enough for ourselves. We always want something, even if we have every thing that we need. We are always on the run and in search for things that hardly matter, and for so long, we barely understand that all these will stay here and soon we’ll be gone.


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