F*ck You B*tch!

I have this one relative of mine who always (as in literally ALWAYS) takes advantage of people! Like, hey, how can you be so thick-skinned? Like they don’t want to tell me that they’re trying to get money from my Grandmom because once I have an idea, i’ll report it to my mom, which they don’t wa


Karma is a bitch, and so are you.

nt because they know that she would not allow it. For the love of God! How can you control yourself if these type of people is just living inside the house same as yours? hoo!

What I hate most about this type of people is that they will try to get your sympathy first and then will try to brainwash you and will try to make you feel that they are a victim of some thing and that they will be needing your help and that no one can help them except you. And when you fall to their devil-ish trap, they will try to squeeze you like a wet tablecloth, until you’re all dried out and worn out, and then when there’s nothing left of you, they’ll throw you like there’s nothing happened. They are worse than leeches ready to suck you dry and leave you struggling.

God! How can these people live longer than those people living in light? Like, hey, can these people be just washed away and leave this damn good-for-nothing earth? They are making earth worst and harder to live in.

And to think that for such a long time, you’ve given them ample amount of time to change, to do something worthy of their miserable lives, to be on their best foot forward. BUT it seemed like YOU are the only one wanting change! and these people? Nah. They’ll continue their leech-life journey and find victims to stab.

I just hope, when the time comes, they will have someone who’ll give them trust and will never see them as leeches and parasites.

I pray that you fuck off, Bitch! stop taking advantage of my grandmom, your mom!


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